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No translations?

Is it only me or do other people also not have new translation in the Translation tab? I would truly love to do some more translations, but there are just non there... ?!?

February 21, 2013



I am with Lovro. Am I crazy? But there are no translations available, only one I helped to translate two weeks ago. But under the tabs "new translations" and "top translations", they are empty. Nothing is there.


Uff... I am trying to think at something with no copyrights... apart from writing something for Duolingo on my own... That would probably be easier than finding some good free resources...

FORGET ABOUT blogo.it, it's better... :( I've checked all the things regarding the copyrights, and no way. :(


I am checking ilfattoquotidiano.it... a well known newspaper working with creative commons... I copy what they write...

I contenuti del Sito possono essere riprodotti, distribuiti, comunicati al pubblico, esposti al pubblico, rappresentati, eseguiti e recitati.

Alle seguenti condizioni:

  • Attribuzione della paternità dell’opera nei modi indicati dall’autore o da chi ti ha dato l’opera in licenza e in modo tale da non suggerire che essi avallino te o il modo in cui tu usi l’opera.

  • Non può essere usata quest’opera per fini commerciali.

- Non può essere alterata o trasformata quest’opera, nè usata per crearne un’altra.

Per ogni informazione aggiuntiva rimandiamo al seguente link:


I wonder if a translation is creating another thing or not. In case, I am not sure the CC covers the act of translating something.

There are many articles on that site, I could submit some, but I must understand if I can submit them...


A couple of articles that don't look too involved with politics and with advertising... (uff... one speaks about parmigiano and nutella, but they are almost... like breathing for people from Parma like me!)



In case the admins say that we can take articles from that site I will try to find two or three good ones every day. :)


I am grateful for Duolingo lessons, but I miss translating! The other languages seem to have many different types of things to translate, so is there a reason Italian translation has been less diverse and often missing? Is there hope of having the translation feature back soon?


well i think more people should upvote this general discussion as it doesn't seem to be getting adequate attention (has rank of 3)


Voted it. ^^ I will refer to it in my stream as well, I hope somebody else will see it. :)


I voted, too, and also I put a comment on their Facebook page with the link to this discussion. Hopefully someone will notice! :)


Thanks for all the feedback! We should have quite a lot of translations up very soon!


Any news? If you want me to write some kind of blog entries and leave them here to be translated, there should be no problem of copyright.

They are now speaking about the topic here as well...


Since it's not in the Italian section, maybe we can get some more feedback or address the issue there as well?


Maybe we can add links of italian homepages to be translated, is that possible?


We're always open to suggestions, as long as they're:

  • Not too difficult to translate. Sports, technology and culture blogs are usually better than research papers...
  • Neither vulgar nor offensive
  • Not limited by copyright. Creative Commons licenses are usually a good indication. Often at the bottom of the webpage you can find the following acronyms: CC, BY o SA.

And of course, in order for you to translate them, they have to be in Italian ;)


marziotta's suggestion of using Il Fatto Quotidiano would be brilliant for me. I am fascinated by Italian politics and I would be very motivated to translate current political and economic news.


So should we just send links via the feedback form or is there an other official page where you can suggest pages to be translated?


Feel free to list them here and bounce ideas off each other


http://www.agendageek.it/ -- this is apparently run by a "non-partisan, non-profit" so it looks like it would be fair use to use their tech-related content.


I am happy to leave them here, but for me, I am confused about how Duolingo works. In the Beta, I had many articles listed which needed to be translated from Italian to English. Now, under the translations tab, there is nothing. Are learners supposed to submit articles, and if so, what is standard practice, to just leave the URLs on a discussion post somewhere?


I am having the same problem. When Italian was in Beta there was a large list of documents to be translated and now there are none visible in any section other than those I have previously contributed to. I enjoy the change from lessons and translations and would like it if I could continue doing both.


Obviously, there's wikipedia and wikibooks, both under the CC-BY-SA license:

http::/it.wikibooks.org http://it.wikipedia.org

I'd also suggest the following government sites in Ticino (for selfish reasons since I live there). I don't know about their licensing, however.

http://www.ti.ch http://www.arcobaleno.ch


Thx for pointing out the other disucssion. I don't mind in which one this is discussed. @mukkapazza: Maybe some admin should decide on this.

OTHER IDEA: Couldn't you make a suggest section in the translation tab, where ppl can post links so that you can add them to the Duoling Translation part? Like on the right hand side a small box like the "Support" on the left hand side. I think that would be awesome and it would take away the time for you to search for new homepages! :)

What do you think about it?

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