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"Il est maintenant extrêmement riche."

Translation:He is now extremely rich.

February 21, 2013



He is extremely rich now should also be accepted.


to say 'he is' - when can you say 'il est' and when can you say 'c'est' ??



  • personal pronoun + adjectives: Il est riche, nous sommes sûrs. (except for jobs/professions: Il est enseignant.)
  • C'est/Ce sont + nouns: C'est un homme. Ce sont des mots simples.


It would be better to supply a short answer replying directly to this situation, with the link as further reading. The Android app doesn't provide a hyperlink for the URL (so it can't be clicked), and the app doesn't have copy/paste for comments (as of 9 Mar 2014). Plus, links break over time.


"highly rich"?

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very poor English, even wrong, and my "very rich" was marked wrong. C'est la vie! (dans DL)


I was thinking in terms of referring to a cake or other dessert so I translated it as "It is now extremely rich" and was marked wrong.


It cracks me up how I'm always reminded to pay attention to the accents, but they are written in such a tiny font that I can't even see them. Please use more of the empty space to enlarge the print!!!!

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