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  5. "Το ξύλο είναι αρκετά ακριβό."

"Το ξύλο είναι αρκετά ακριβό."

Translation:The wood is very expensive.

February 3, 2017



'the wood is expensive enough" was my first thought


Me too an i think it should be accepted


Just wrote that too, and it was marked wrong


I think it's accepted now. ^.^


I am wondering why quite/fairly has not been accepted. As D.. says, " quite/fairly" is the best translation?


Quite was already an accepted translation. It seems like we were missing fairly, but that is now added as well. Thank you for the comment! ^.^


Does this sentence have to be translated with the definite article? How about “Wood is very expensive”?


The comments more confuse me than clarify the meaning. I see my problem already in the meaning hints for αρκετά, "very", "fairly", :rather". "very" means it's really expensive, whereas "fairly" and "rather" take that down a bit. If I were to put them in line it would be: "fairly expensive", "rather expensive", "expensive", "very expensive". What is the real meaning in Greek anyway?


At least "rather expensive" shoukd be accepted. "Rather" is listed as a translation for αρκετά.


The wood is really expensive?

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It think the best translation from the Greek phrase would be 'the wood is quite/fairly expensive', not 'very' or 'really' as you suggest, which have very distinct meanings and exact matches to Greek. 'Quite' of course may mean 'very' in such a context or 'faily' which is the closest to what the phrase means. I think that your suggestion is too strong for what is implied here.


Ah I see - yes, I'd misunderstood the level of emphasis. Quite is of course a very confusing word in English, and gives little clue as to whether it means "very" or "fairly"


Wood is very expensive --> should really be accepted!


"Fairly expensive" is one of the better translations as it accurately conveys the meaning of "αρκετά ακριβω." It should have been accepted. Your rendering as "very expensive" puts it up to a higher level


I translated it as 'the wood is really expensive' which I think is the same as 'very expensive' (at least in the UK) but it is marked as wrong.

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