"I cook only on the kitchen stove."

Translation:Eu gătesc numai pe aragaz.

February 3, 2017

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The correct form should be "Eu gătesc DOAR pe aragaz". "Numai" is used for a negative idea. For example it could be:"Eu nu gătesc numai pe aragaz" - "I don't cook only on the kitchen stove". This is a common mistake made even by many Romanians.


Uh... Romanian here. And I'm fairly certain that both "numai" and "doar" are correct. What would be incorrect is "decât". "Decât" is the one that can only be used with negative ideas. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong because I'm literally typing this at 2am, but I think I'm correct.


”Doar gătesc pe aragaz” is incorrect?


Jon Abelli it is not correct. I know because I am from Romania


It seems that duolingo balives that "pe aragaz" is right and "la aragaz" is wrong.While duoling is right , please keep in mind that people will use the latter with the same meaning as the first.

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