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2 suggestions for Flash Cards when/if possible

Firstly i have to say i was blown away by the depth and complexity of this platform as well as for the fact it is free! - Thank you for bringing this volume of value in front of everyone willing to participate!

Here are few things me and I believe people using this platform could use and it would enhance the immersion and help retention.

  1. Flash cards are missing speech button - I find it hard to retain words since I'm more audio kinda type.

  2. Flash cards with customizable layout, being able to add pictures to the words, sound files, editing text would help cognition a ton.

About the 2nd suggestion, I can imagine this would stress the platform if people start uploading tons of stuff. But i figure it is possible to make some minor editor inside the site for drawing simple pictures using colors and shapes that won't drain storage, make server overloaded or have any security issues)

Further suggestions/corrections/comments are welcome.

Cheers in forward for reading and pondering on this subject!

P.S. I wasn't sure if this was the place to post such suggestions - will move it elsewhere if needed.

February 3, 2017



Have you used Tinycards? They make it as well and you can import your word lists from Duolingo lessons. You can have pronunciation, customize cards, and so on. I think right now it's iOS only, but Android version coming eventually.


Tinycards doesn't have custom audio, though.


Interesting suggestion! It is a new thing for me. Will look into that. Cheers! Although i hope in future we will have such thing integrated into the platform for easy access.


It is fine to have this as a place to put suggestions, but if you want to send this directly to DuoLingo, I think that might be a better place because they will probably be more likely to notice it:


Hope this helps :)


Been there, done that - cheers!


ok, hopefully they will make your ideas a reality because that would be a great thing to have!

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