Have I learnt/been taught informal/'street' Welsh?

I have been at university in Wales for the last 3 years and have learnt basic phrases in Welsh and can understand a lot more than I can speak/ write. I came onto Duolingo to bump up my vocabulary,fluency and general confidence but I have found that a lot of what I have been taught/hear every day doesn't match up with what is on here. An example: 'do you want' I learnt as 'Ti isho?' or Dach isho?' whereas on here the word for want is 'eisiau'

February 4, 2017


This Duolingo course is based on the register of Welsh taught through the various 'Welsh for Adults' courses in Wales. It does not cover either slang or formal Welsh, and nor does it cover very many of the various local dialect variations.

The word for 'a want' is eisiau but, unusually for Welsh, its pronunciation rarely follows its spelling - /ishe/, /isha/ and /isho/ are more usual. The course also accepts the spelling isio as this is quite commonly used in parts of NW Wales.

February 4, 2017


February 4, 2017
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