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Updated to latest flash player (21/2/13), Mic recording no longer works.

So I did a adobe flash player update and now it will no longer recognise my mic recording and the soundwave animation no longer shows up.Please this need to be fixed asap! I am using Firefox on Windows 7 64bit.

February 21, 2013



As of march 4th I no longer have this problem, thank you for fixing it.


I have the same problem on linux with chrome ...


same problem here...


Same here, man. I thought it was only my PC.


I have doulingo in my "Whitelist", running in Chrome/W7 32b and also did the update 26/02/13 11.6.602.171. I uninstaled and reinstaled the last vs. of flash but it didn't work either. Please HELP!


yes that works.


What I did was uninstalled the newest and re installed the old version of flash player, and finally it workss. Now in the section of record I've to click "allow" every time... but I don't want to update the FP again.


and yes, it works in the link you sent me


I am having the same problem and am incredibly frustrated. When I googled it, it seems like a lot of people are having the same thing happen. Audio works one day, and then just dies.


Repeatedly asking this has not solved this for anyone.

Are any solutions in the works?


Having same problem. Diagnostics works fine. Added duolingo.com to Flash player list and troublechecked mic on other site. Restarted several time and disabled adblock with restart. Nothing helped. Any other ideas?

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