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"Tôi muốn thấy danh lam thắng cảnh khi đi du lịch."

Translation:I want to see the landmarks when travelling.

February 4, 2017



"Đi du lịch" is more accurately "go overseas" rather than "travelling"


Landmark should be landmarks. Makes no sense otherwise.


I could see a situation where the singular landmark would make sense. If you're telling someone about your upcoming trip to a place that really only has one famous landmark, you'd mention that you want to go see the landmark while you're there.


"Danh lam thắng cảnh", in my opinion, sounds too fast and unintelligible for its accents. While I understand that it's very natural to try and keep a word/meaning in one breath, it should not be diverging from its correct pronunciations too much that spelling out the word/meaning is difficult.


I think landmarks might not be the best translation. Maybe "tourist attraction"?


My Vietnamese dictionary literally translates this as, "tourist attraction".


Should it be plural? Or are these generic landmarks?


I want to see landmarks when travelling. That should be accepted

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