"I bought this shirt without realizing it!"

Translation:Eu am cumpărat cămașa aceasta fără să vreau!

February 4, 2017

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Somehow it seems to me that the translation does not exactly mean the same as the original sentence. I think "fara sa vreau" means "without wanting it" while "without realizing it" should be translated more like "fara sa-mi dau seama". Opinions, anyone?


I couldn't agree more. Bad translation. "Fara sa-mi dau seama" is the better option. Plus, it is what most native speakers would say.


My initial thoughts were you would have to be a pretty hardcore shopaholic to buy a shirt without realizing it. Not being native Romanian I thought a vrea was to want so I tend to agree. I guess we need a native authority to comment.


Yep. Waiting and hoping for it.


Hi guys, the native Romanian here :) You are both right, the correct translation should be "fără să îmi dau seama / fără să-mi dau seama". Imagine my surprise when I saw it was considered incorrect... I've reported it as such and I hope it will be changed soon. For the little this will matter (and I know I have no credit in it) I feel so very proud you noticed that... It's pretty advanced for non-natives, not to mention Romanian is a tough language to begin with ^_^ You both made my day!


HI, I totally agree with you all here ... As Romanian native speaker I was also astonished that my version " fara sa-mi dau seama " was not accepted as beeing right ... The sad part is to realise, that during one year since you all have reported your comments here, nothing has changed ...!!!


You are completely right. I am Romanian and I was checking the courses for my language


Native romanian here. The translation is somehow correct. We oftenly use: i did something 'fără să vreau' (by mistake).

Without wanting 'it' =fără să 'o' vreau (wich means something forced you to buy it)

Without realizing it = fără să realizez / fără să îmi dau seama. And in this case this is accepted: fără să vreau (wich means you did something by mistake)


I put "fara sa-mi dau seama" and it said I was wrong...


E adevarat ce zici...merci pentru sfatul.


"Sfat", not "sfatul" . You dont use the article here.


Cum ar fi fost sa il corecteze cineva ce nu e nativ roman


Yeah, you right. (to) Want-(a) vrea (to) realizing- (a) realiza Is not a huge difference, but, it is. In Romanian everything is interpretable :)


I m a Romanian girl and, actually, the right answer is "am cumpărat această cămașă fără să vreau"


I have seen several people sleep-walking recently and buying shirts. It is a most curious phenomenon.


Astazi am cumparat aceasta camasa fara sa imi dau seama?


"...fără să-mi dau seama" de ce nu este corect ?


Its really annoyng what is the diffrence between shirt and t-shirt #Annoyed


Shirt = cămașă , T-shirt = tricou


The shirt has buttons.


Eu am cumpărat această cămasă fără să vreau! (not cămasa , fara)


Nu este posibil să se folosească imperfectul? Eu cumpăram cămașa fără să vreau. Cred că în unele regiuni din România oameni vorbește astfel.


There are some missing accent marks. Actually it would hvae been "această cămașă".

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