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  5. "Η γυναίκα τρώει ρύζι."

"Η γυναίκα τρώει ρύζι."

Translation:The woman eats rice.

February 4, 2017



Why is the ζ in ρύζι in the sentence pronounced as a 'z', while as a standalone word the sound is more like a soft 'g'?


The letter ζ does sound a bit awkward in some sentences. We have gotten reports about ζ sounding like χ, which is true. It seems like it's happing for words that end in -ίζει and in this case, -ύζι.

Sound is not something we (we as in, the Greek team) can tamper with. We just hope it will get fixed in the future, of with the release of the new tree. ^.^


There is a second tree that is currently in development. It's based on the tree that is currently released, but much more improved. ^.^


Why is "H" sometimes "a" and others "the"?


η is never a, one, an it is ένα, ένας, μία


I've only come across "η" to mean the feminine form of "the".

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