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Cantonese Short Lesson 8: ** Abstract Nouns! **

Welcome to the eighth lesson of Cantonese!

As most of you may know, abstract nouns are, well, abstract! Examples are 'fear', 'love (noun)', 'laughter' and 'anger'. Unlike the nouns taught earlier, these cannot be seen; they can only be felt or heard. Or more succinctly, they are intangible.

Basic Cantonese Abstract Nouns

fear = 恐懼 (hung2 geoi6)

love - noun = 愛(情) (ngoi3 (cing4))

laughter = 笑聲 (siu3 seng1, literally: laughing sound)

embarrassment = 尷尬 (gaam1 gaai3)

sadness = 傷心 (soeng1 sam1)

experience = 經驗 (ging1 jim6)

bravery = 勇敢 (jung5 gam2)

honesty = 誠實 (sing4 sat6)

insanity = 瘋狂 (fung1 kong4)

trust - noun = 信任 (seon3 jam6)

sympathy = 同情 (tung4 cing4)

Thank you for reading this. As always, questions are welcome!

February 4, 2017


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