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  5. "This chair is hers."

"This chair is hers."

Translation:Η καρέκλα αυτή είναι δική της.

February 4, 2017



I would have preferred ''αυτή η καρέκλα είναι δική της"


That's what I put and it was marked correct. The capital 'Η' throws you but it is still correct.


I wrote "Αυτή η καρέκλα είναι δική της," and it was marked as wrong!! I totally disagree.


That's not supposed to happen, this is a valid word order as well. Please help us by taking a screenshot next time.


Is there any "rule of thumb" that helps one determine when to use which order?

Αυτή η καρέκλα vs. Η καρέκλα αυτή

Is one of them more correct than the other? Is one of them always correct? If it depends on the way it's used, can you give some examples to illustrate, please?


Either is fine and the latter is supposed to be more poetic.


I got Αυτή η καρέκλα είναι δική της so looks like word order is very flexible


Why was αυτη καρέκλα ειναι δικη της marked wrong?


Greek requires the definite article with demonstrative pronouns used as adjectives, e.g., αυτό το αγόρι, "this boy," αυτό το μήλο, "this apple." (Also with possessive pronouns, e.g., το άλογο μου, "my horse," ο σκύλος του, "his dog"). There was a section on it in DL that you can go back to for a refresher.


Αυτή είναι η καρέκλα δίκη της A different word order and marked wrong. Please explain why.

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There are a few mistakes unfortunately.
δίκη = court trial
δική = her (possessive), her own
Αυτή είναι η καρέκλα = This is the chair
Αυτή η καρέκλα = This chair
η καρέκλα δική της wrong word order
η δική της καρέκλα = her own chair
... είναι δική της. = ... is hers.

Greek syntax is more flexible than English syntax, but there are still limitations as to how words are grouped together and what order they can go in. :)

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