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  5. "We are women."

"We are women."

Translation:Nós somos mulheres.

February 21, 2013

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sao and somos, typing in sao and told it's wrong, but on the next question asking the same thing i type somos and am again told it's wrong, there needs to be a definition of when and how these words are used appropriately.


eles (as) / vocês use "são"(are); nós (we) use "somos" (are)


You have to learn the conjugations ("to be") with their pronouns, and you will never do the mistake again. The conjugation are also given when you over the verbs with your mouse, ("conjugate")


exactly what should've been said from the start... conjugations of your verb endings so you can for-go the pronoun and specify gender instead.

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in other words, "are" has multiple translations in almost languages, depending on person. These would give you 3 different translations of "are":
WE are
YOU are (+ another version when it means one person)
THEY are


Yes, but from my experience, it's not good to talk about the translations of "are", it makes it confusing for people, don't translate "are", translate the whole pronoun + verb, even if you have sometimes to skip the pronoun in Portuguese.


You can also say "a gente" to refer to "nós". The phrase "a gente" is conjugated in the third person singular. "A gente é" = "Nós somos". I must mentions that this is kind of "informal" and used in brazilian Portuguese...so far :)


Is there a spelling rule for making a noun plural.? I'm confused by men being 'homens" and women being "mulheres". Basically, when do you add 's' and when do you add 'es'?


You add 'es' if the word ends in 'r'. If it ends in 'm', you drop the 'm' and add 'ns'.


You can read more about the rules on our Tips & Notes for the "Plurals" skill: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pt/Plurals


Can't you just drop the 'Nós'?


Yes! But informally it's common not to do this in Brazilian Portuguese.


How do you put an accent on the letter? Do i need to change keyboard settings?


if you have numlock ON, press and hold the ALT key and type 162 on the right side of the keyboard, that will give you "ó" There are other three-digit combos for different accented letters


"A gente é de mulheres" isnt correct?


Nós is like a shortened Spanish Nosotros. Wait a second, why am I pointing out similarities between Oporto (Portuguese) and Spanish? It makes no sense I'm wierd

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