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Hungarian recipe site

I was looking down the tree and I noticed that there is no skill for "food" until almost at the very bottom. I didn't want to wait that long to learn food names in Hungarian, so I went ahead and found this recipe site. It's called apróséf. The website itself is a little hard to look at, it's a bit cluttered, but I find the setup of the website very easy to navigate.

I just joined a few hours ago and I've already learned so many new words and food names!

February 4, 2017


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Hmm.. the food skill is really hidden at the bottom, but I can tell you some food names. (that Duolingo usually teaches at other courses)

bread kenyér

water víz

strawberry eper

rapsberry málna

apple alma

banana banán

cheese sajt

potato krumpli / burgonya

tea tea

coffee kávé

beer sör

wine bor

fish hal

chicken csirke

meat hús

pig disznó

pork disznóhús

cow/cattle marha

beef marhahús

pasta tészta

apple juice almalé

orange juice narancslé

salt só

sugar cukor


You could enter these words into quizlet.com and study from there :)


how do you say food in Hungarian?


In any language, you should at least be able to buy the ingredients for pancakes after a month!
so, here you are: Liszt + tojas + cukor + tej (+ taj) = palacsinta


Hungarian food is the best. I might use this not even to learn Hungarian... just for the food.

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