"I know what you had done."

Translation:Ξέρω τι είχες κάνει.

February 4, 2017

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..πέρσι το καλοκαίρι.


Could in this sentence "ό,τι" be used instead of "τι"?


No, as the meaning changes: Ξέρω ό,τι είχες κάνει = I know everything that you had done.
Ό,τι means anything/everything, not just something/one thing.


Ό,τι is like 'that of which' in older english, whereas τι is literally just the work for what. Is that correct?


I'm also wondering....


Is the pronoun bad Greek here? Ξέρω τι εσύ είχες κάνει.


You don't need to use "εσύ" since the "είχες κάνει" contains the word "you". You would use εσύ if you wanted to emphasize. In that case the correct way is "Ξέρω εσύ τι είχες κάνει"


If you wanna be dramatic like the person did something really bad you could also throw it on the end. ΕΓΏ ξέρω τι είχες κάνει ΕΣΎ όταν ήσουνα στο Λας Βέγκας ρε!


Why is a mistake: Εγω ξερω..? Within the app, adding the pronoun has never been flagged as a mistake, although the suffix inflection shows I as a doer


Of course, the pronoun is not the error. But since we can't see the rest of the sentence we are unable to tell you what the mistake was. You should have made a REPORT.

TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22424028


Please do not post comments about rejected sentences if you have not first made a REPORT


Hey Jaye, thanks. I didn't write the rest as it was okay. Here's the full sentence: Εγω ξερω τι ειχες κανει. Regarding reporting, I make reports (flag) on rejected sentences or examples but never get a response (and mistakes repeat) unless I write it here. Thanks Jaye


"Εγώ ξέρω τι είχες κάνει." is one of the accepted translations. Now we don't know why it was rejected. If you had made a REPORT, we would have seen it to help understand the problem.

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