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"Το μικρό λιοντάρι πίνει νερό."

Translation:The small lion is drinking water.

February 4, 2017



The audio of ντ in λιοντάρι sounds like nd here, but the same letters of the same word with the same voice is a single "d"-sound in the picture-to-word exercise.

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Both are correct.
Ντ is pronounced as d in the beginning of the word and as nd or d while in the word. Nd is more proper
Μπ is pronounced as b in the beginning of the word and as mb or b while in the word. Mb is more proper
Γκ/Γγ is pronounced as g in the beginning of the word and as ng or g while in the word. Ng is more proper

So, λιοντάρι->liondari or liodari
ντολμάς->dolmas only
μπορώ->boro only
εμπρός=embros (more proper) or ebros

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