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"Judaists travel there every year."

Translation:Іудеї подорожують туди кожний рік.

February 4, 2017



In English is should be "Jews" instead of "Judaists".

[deactivated user]

    Ukrainian (and the languages of most other post-Soviet countries) make a distinction between іудей (someone who follows Jewish religion) and єврей (someone who has Jewish ancestry), and I think the translation is written this way to make sure the learners don’t confuse those words.

    Of course, it’s questionable whether the difference is really all that important, because over time, it was religion that brought Jewish people together. Some people might use єврей for both of those meanings.


    There is no such construction "кожен рік"! No, never, no way! Щороку, кожного року, but not кожен рік! I am a native speaker, translator, editor; I meet this "кожен рік" again and again in the course!


    It's full of Russianisms


    I don't think it's helpful to use a word so rare that it doesn't appear in several major dictionaries. The word Judaist exists, but has zero occurrences in the British National Corpus. I suppose it's a word a theologian might use.

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