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Words tab doesn't show infinitive form of verb

This relates to the browser version of Duolingo.

If a user clicks on a word in a lesson for more information, the infinitive form of the verb is shown in the conjugation list. Which I find helpful.

But the Words tab on the Duolingo website does not show the infinitive form in the info box or the conjugation list.

The screenshots below are both for the Spanish verb correr, to run and were both selected for the 'they' form: corren.

February 4, 2017



That is true.
Thanks for suggesting.

What I also miss: The skill category, which the word falls into for grouping, ordering, etc.

You could train the basic verb form on Memrise DuoLingo courses.

At least that works for my Portuguese Brazil DuoLingo course on Memrise.
Although I have not checked what the Memrise Duo ESP course provides for the verb levels.

Have a look :-)

February 5, 2017


I haven't found any Duolingo focussed Memrises or Tinycards that cover my needs for conjugations in Spanish. Although I haven't looked at Memrise much as I don't like its bias towards fast answers. The lack of flashcard options is why I like looking at the conjugations in the Words tab, which will be even better when it states the base word. It just seems like an oversight for it not to be there.

February 5, 2017


Well, there is a little trick. You can install a user script which disables the Memrise timer :-)

Usually there are special "Conjunction" courses on Memrise, which I have not tested yet....

But learning / knowing / recalling the base verb forms for e.g EN-PT, EN-ESP is nice too!

February 5, 2017


Nice tip, thanks, however I almost exclusively only use a tablet for internet stuff. There's some decent conjugation sites out there though

Regarding my desire to be familiar with the infinitive or base form (ar, er or ir) of a Spanish verb, it tells me how to conjugate. Poder leads to ellos pueden rather than ellos puedan, something I might struggle to remember without the visual reminder of the 'er' in the infinitive. Thanks to languagetransfer.org for this insight.

February 5, 2017
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