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  5. "Almeno, io sono così."

"Almeno, io sono così."

Translation:At least, I am like that.

March 3, 2014



The comma placement doesnt seem to make sense here. Is it just me or is there a context where this would make sense?


It may be a subtle difference but the comma changes slightly the meaning:

"Almeno io sono così" means "there is at least me like that", it's not true that no one is like that.

"Almeno, io sono così" means "well, I'm like that", you're trying to justify your behaviour

I hope it helps and is not making things more complicated.


The comma is totaly wrong


The whole sentence is nonsense. WE dont say this in English. We would say "well this is how i am" not at least i am like that. How is one supposed to learn a sentence of such nonsense.


You could use it, to give more importance to the world "almeno". However nobody actually would use it; why should you evidence "almeno"?


"At least, that is the case for me." Or, with more detail, "Most people probably prefer warm weather over cold. At least, I do/I am that way/I am like that."


I can't think of one!


I think it makes sense. It's adding an emphasis on you being like that.


"At least I am so." Appears to be another case of literal translation here. This probably makes sense in Italian to [certain] Italians, but the meaning of the phrase should have been translated and not word for word.


Absolutely this is nonsense in English and it seems that others must have complained aobut it too but they did not change it.


That doesn't make any sense in English. It should read i am like that at least.


It certainly makes sense in English. At least, that's what I think.


In my experience DL's use of this sentence is correct useage, however, just because some of us say something is or isn't so doesn't make us right. When clarity is hard to find---research rather than ego!


What does "così" mean seriously


Yes, please, someone, what ALL does cosi mean?


Three years after comments first appeared (concerning how to translate this sentence into English) the sentence is still being used! Why can't anyone directly connected to Duolingo either modify the sentence or rewrite it?


Yes as a native speaker from the UK this does not make sense whereas DrThos1 suggestion does.


Perhaps should accept, "at least, that's how I am".


getting there but still we wouldn't use, at least.


In this case, the comma does not affect the context. This is only to emphasize what is said in the fallowing sentence. In other words, it's like saying: "At least, I am so"


perhaps the sentence could have more meaning if it were: Almeno io non sono cosi' ? - at least I am not like that


sounds like an incomplete sentence ending on a preposition.


Strange sentence with strange comma placement. I am trying to think of a context for this and I'm puzzled.


Any sentence with così in it is so confusing i never understand the translation


They might say this in italian but we dont say this in engilsh so what does it mean? REally who comes up with this nonsense?


The comma is fine. It's exactly the same in English.

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