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Tinycards Web is available!

February 4, 2017



Eek - it looks like you guys found the website before it was ready for the world!

We've been testing the Tinycards website internally and as some of you saw, it's almost ready! There is still a lot of bug-squashing and polishing to do though, so we appreciate your patience as it'll be just a few more weeks until launch. You can stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page, and we'll be sending out emails to everyone who signed up to be notified on our splash page: http://tiny.cards

Thanks for all of your support and enthusiasm. We're really excited for Tinycards on web as well!



Thx for the explanation!


Karin, will Tinycards ever support user-recorded audio? I know it's a feature other flashcard apps have and the current audio algorithm doesn't always produce accurate translations (in Japanese, at least). In the mean time, to whom do we report issues with the audio on Tinycards?


Is it working for you right now?

http://tinycards.duolingo.com/web returns blank page to me, despite no error in the javaconsole and neither does https://status.duolingo.com/ say that it's currently down... :(

EDIT: Sometimes the javaconole does returns an error (but not always):

Uncaught ReferenceError: duo is not defined at script.js:1
(anonymous) @ script.js:1


Not working for me either :( And I was so eager to try it...


The same for me. Perhaps it is still in beta...


Thx for the answer!

I first thought about not being in the "good" A/B test group but since Typo3000 was able to access it but not anymore... may be that was it "released due to a glitch"...

Perhaps it is still in beta...

Or even in "alpha"...


It might also be down because of a glitch.


Well that was a disappointment. Fortunately there are plenty of apps already doing that better.


I hadn't noticed! Thanks!!


Yay! I wish we could earn xp with tinycards, though. Still awesome, all the same.


I never got my notification.... Anyway Thanks!!!


Great news!

Although it did try to force me to follow people - continue button was disabled - so had to bypass the start process. I think I should have bypassed that bit automatically as I am already a user. Just first day jitters you expect in a new product - not a big deal.


I just followed one of them in order to be able to continue and then unfollowed on the next screen. :-)


When I joined on the app, it got me to follow the in-house accounts, which worked out fine. However, this time it looked like it was proposing some random person. You are right - I could of unfollowed later, but I don't like being pushed around by software! :-/


could have

Forgive me but it's a language learning site after all. :P


Thanks. I won't blame autocorrect - that was definitely my mistake this time. Cheers!


I just picked what looked interesting and moved on


I had the opposite problem, where I selected the wrong option to the first question ("Student") and then tried to go back in the browser but instead went back to the last page entirely (outside of Tinycards), and then when I visited it again I could not go through the start process again, which actually I rather wanted to do to get started. Does anybody know whether it is possible to go through that process again somehow in such a situation?


Maybe create a new Duolingo account? I don't think it's currently possible to go through it on an account that's already went past it.


That would be a bit much, so I'll just accept it. Thank you for letting me know.


They're just the main educational accounts! Chineasy and TinyHistory and Duolingo. And anyway, you only have to follow one. But you can always unfollow them on the next page, I think.

If you're not following anyone, then you won't automatically see updates (new decks) from them. It's like subscribing to someone on YouTube. If you don't subscribe to their channel you won't hear about any new videos unless you check their channel every week for them.

Hope you understood all of that :/


Thanks, but I already understood from being an iOS user, so had already followed some accounts. I didn't see why I should be forced through that process again, though it was probably just a bug.


Thank you very much for the good news!


But no Android app?


I tried it, but it won't let me hit continue or enter, does anyone else have that problem?


No I do not, you should send an email to duolingo about your problem...


I can't seem to be able to access the site anymore, there's just whiteness, though I could access it 2 minutes ago...


YAY! Finally! I'm so excited. I can't wait to see what it has to offer! Thank you very much!


thank you so much my mom says thanks too


No problem! Tell me if you need any more help, because I will.


It's extremely glitchy. Everything writes backwards and I can't add fact even though the button is there.


I think that one day, ONLY tiny cards will be available.


What do you mean?


They will delete lessons like they have deleted immersion, and replaced it by tiny cards.

Tiny cards are not useful here, because they can be found on other sites, and they are far better than here. Here they are not good, they give misleading translations. On a site like ReadLang, they are good, because the system is not the same than here. It's not suitable here.


Ah, I get it now.


OMG hasta ahora me entero que se puede usar en pc, genial, gracias Duolingo.


can u show me how to do it


Hello! Tinycards by duolingo are flashcards to help you learn words in a new language! Did you want to ask a more specific question? If so, just ask it to me by replying! ;-) Have a good day!


well thank you for giving me that info but as you should know i'm new here . oh and also plz like this post and follow me also.


but still i would like info on how you use this app


There are many levels in which you can learn in (For example, basics, phrases, foods, etc.). I see that you are already on level 5 in spanish. Using this app is quite simple, each time you complete a set of levels you can move on to the next set. If you want serious help on how to use more of duolingo, go to the form, or search it in help [which is under your name].


So, if you practice something on Tinycards, is it strengthened on the regular site?

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that is great news! now i hope it'll be releasend on adroid soon


it's not available for me!


On tiny cards for some reason when the cards are asking me to type out the answer, I type out the answer but it will just stay there and not move on. The only way I can get to the next card is to say that I do not know the answer.


I got up to over 770 cards on Tinycards, then a few days ago, it doesn't open for me anymore. It looks as though it starts to open, then it doesn''t open all the way. Did something happen to the site ? Paul


Doesn't load on my mobile phone.


Thats strange, you should send an email to duolingo about that...

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