Dualingo certificate problem on new LinkedIn interface!?!

Hi guys,

Did anyone notice that earlier, whenever we tried to share our progress on Linkedin, it posted a progress certificate on individual's LinkedIn profile indicating the language proficiency, and now if you click on "Add to LinkedIn profile" icon under the progress shield, it relocates to an empty certificate form on the linkedIn page?!?! has anyone experienced this yet? how to deal with this issue... please share. Regards.

February 4, 2017


I'm having the same issue. Please Admin help with the solution :D

May 28, 2017

If you re-post something, it's going to get downvoted. You should have edited your old post.

February 4, 2017

Hi krpw, I never uploaded my progress on LinkedIn before, and now that I considered, I'm facing such issue.

February 5, 2017

Same for me, an empty form appears ......

March 28, 2017

Same here. Please, fix it!!!

March 29, 2017

a certificate question appears, which i can not know, admins please fix the porblem, or remove the linked in button, thnx.

April 2, 2017

I have the same problem, I don't think they can fix it without Linkedin's consent ...

May 29, 2017

hello guys, I have a problem the 48 hours passed but still i did not receive the certification of duolingo, in the statues has written 'available very soon' and I really if I do not get this certification very soon, I will loss a great job because of that? please someone help me please

October 9, 2017
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