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"The boy wants to have a sparrow."

Translation:Cậu bé muốn có một con chim sẻ.

February 5, 2017



Why do you need to put "con" before the "chim se"?


Wod also like to know this. The use of classifiers seems inconsistent in recent lessons.


Because a numeral, một, is used before it. If there is a numeral specifying the quantity of the noun, use the appropriate classifier.

This rule also applies to Chinese.


Oh damn, I didn't even realise that Chinese does this and I've spent a fair amount studying that language! xD I guess that in Chinese measure words/classifiers come more natural to me than in Vietnamese.. Or I'm just simply too new to this language. Anyway thank you for this explanation! Was confused for a bit but this makes sense! Have a lingot ^^


Cậu bé ís a "little" boy !!!


You teach me that CẬU Bé was a little boy !!


Cậu bé is little boy as previously taught. Please fix or make consistent. Thanks.


The spảrrow is a wild animal. And also the boy dreams big. Unattainable. Unless he practices beebee gun. I know why the caged bird sings. Does he eat sparrow maybe?


Why do you need to put một in front of sparrow?


Without mot it would be THE sparrow.


A word that translates with 'the' to English doesn't need any word in front of it, but if it translates as 'a/an' to English it needs một in front of it. It doesn't really mean 'a/an' but as far as I remember Duolingo said it's only meant to suggest an amount of quantity or whatever. I'm too lazy to go through the tips again but yeah, that's where this is explained --> some lesson's tips!


Why is ‘con’ needed in this sentence?

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