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  5. "Bữa sáng anh ấy ăn rất đắt."

"Bữa sáng anh ấy ăn rất đắt."

Translation:The breakfast he eats is very expensive.

February 5, 2017



Can we say "his breakfast" instead? As in...bua sang cua anh ay an rat dat?


not totally. that would just be a reinterpretation of the original sentence, not accurate translation. the breakfast could have been mine, he just happened to eat it, and now I'm angry because it was very expensive.. you see where I am going?

ps. "bữa sáng của anh ấy ă̶n̶ rất đắt".


The breakfast he's is very expensive. this is the correction I received. t is nonsensical.


true. it should have been "the breakfast he ate [...]".




Would it still be proper grammatical as well as have the same interpretation if stated as, “Món anh ấy ăn bữa sáng rất đắt” ỏ “Món bữa sáng anh ấy ăn rất đắt”? I’m still trying to grasp that “bữa sáng”=breakfast and not =morning.

  1. VNmese normally say "ăn sáng", "ăn trưa", "ăn tối" to respectively means to eat breakfast, to lunch and to have diner. on rarer occasions would we say "ăn bữa sáng", "ăn bữa trưa", "ăn bữa tối". the difference mainly lies on the structure of a stand-alone verb (eg. ăn sáng: to eat in the morning = to have breakfast) vs. verb+complement (eg. ăn + bữa sáng: to eat the morning meal = to eat the breakfast).

  2. VNmese would also say "món ăn sáng" instead of "món bữa sáng". however, note that "món ăn sáng" is not a perfect synonym of "bữa sáng". "món ăn sáng" is a dish usually in the morning while "bữa sáng" is the whole meal eaten in the morning. an example of a "món ăn sáng" could be fried egg but the "bữa sáng" includes the previously mentioned egg dish with toasts, fruits and coffee.

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