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  5. "אתה רואֶה אישה יפָה."

"אתה רואֶה אישה יפָה."

Translation:You see a beautiful woman.

February 5, 2017



you are seeing a pretty woman. same thing, not a mistake in hebrew.


I wrote the exact answer as it gave and my answer keeps getting maked wrong? There is some kind of error here. I lost all my hearts by this question. Very annoying.


They change the pronunciation of the word יפה. They sad "isha yefa", and now he said "yafa". Why do they mess things up, and which one is right?


On the Android app, it tells me I have a typo in רואה, but the only difference between my solution and theirs is that they had niqqud in the answer and I didn't. I thought we could leave them out? I have no idea how to type them anyway!


"You are seeing a beautiful woman" is still marked wrong. 2019/4/4

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