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Learn Egyptian ✍️ Lesson 4 ✍️

Welcome to the 4th lesson of Egyptian!

Hope you guys are still alive out there.

Today we will learn Egyptian Phrases

If you missed any lessons of Egyptian you can see them in the Egyptian


Egyptian Dashboard : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20676521

Happy Birthday : eed melad said

Happy New Year : sana gededa saida

Merry Christmas : eed melad mageed

Good Luck : haz said

Congratulations : mabrook

I'm vegetarian : ana nabati

If you would like to know how these are spoken and some more

phrases, go to the link below:


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I can't believe you are still doing this, and I'm sure it will benefit many people out there! Thank you!

1 year ago


Thanks, I don't have many supporters, so thanks for your comment!

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