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synonymity of stöder and stöttar

Is the verb stöder a synonym of stöttar(or do they mean different things)?

1 year ago



Wiktionary is a bit odd here because it claims that stötta is used for emotional support and stödja for economic or intellectual support. However, the examples given use both senses for both words. My wager is that any such distinction, if it ever existed, has been lost and the two words can be used interchangeably.

That is, if you are talking about the figurative/abstract sense of the word. The concrete difference is the stöd/stödja can be used for any type of physical support, and stötta (the verb) means to support something using a stötta (the noun).

1 year ago

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Good question. I would say they mean pretty much the same thing. I'll throw in the word 'stödjer' in the mix, and hope someone knowledgeable can sort it out properly.

1 year ago