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Better comment ranking

This is more of a meander of my thoughts than an actual complaint or suggestion. I apologize if it should be somewhere else, but I don't really know.

Sometimes. I think it'd be nice to have another comment ranking. Something like: "This comment was educational." As opposed to I like this comment.

I'd like to make it clear that, overall, I like the jokes. Humor is great as long as it's not mean. Sure some jokes are awful. But would there be humor if we all had the same sense of humor? (Did that last sentence make sense? Just ignore if it didn't.) Sometimes, I actually go into the comments to read the joke that I know is there. And up arrow it, because the fact that 300 other people found it funny just makes it funnier.

But, seriously, sometimes it's annoying to go through a bunch of 'humorous' comments, and random comments, and random complaints, and complaints about the audio, so that I can try to find out if someone else asked why a sentence is structured that way or why this word was used instead of that word or whatever my question about the lesson is.

Just commenting, because I seem to be in a commenting mood. Cheers.

1 year ago

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I agree. So many times I have questions regarding a sentence structure or something like that and there's no where to turn except for the discussion page. Besides having to read 3 year old statements, some of them are just juvenile. If it's a sentence that might sound "dirty", people can't help themselves and snicker and comment. I'm surprised Duolingo hasn't omitted a lot of these because of their date and their content. I would like to add though, I usually will find what I need to know that answers my question from some very smart and insightful people on these pages AND they're the ones that deserve an arrow up.

1 year ago