"Coranul este cartea sfântă a musulmanilor."

Translation:The Quran is the holy book of the Muslims.

February 5, 2017

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Why do we have to put an "a" before musulmanilor? What would "Coranul este cartea sfântă musulmanilor" mean?


That doesn't mean anything. You simply cannot say like that because it doesn't have any meaning.

You have to put an "a" there because you refer to them. Like "a lor"= "their".

The same is this case "a musulmanilor", because it's their, not just a simply book. So you have to say "a" to specify that.

I hope I made myself understood :)


The "a" shows possesion. Your sentence would just be the translation without the "of"


It translates to "The Quran is the holy book muslims" the "a" is the "of" tells us that it belongs to muslim people


I was under the impression that "lor" after "musulmani" was the "of" and was sufficient.


Yes but there is sfanta between cartea and musulmanilor, so you have to "Double" the reference

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