"He knew where the jar was."

Translation:El știa unde era borcanul.

February 5, 2017

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Would "El știa unde este borcanul" also be correct? I've seen other sentences with this sequence of tenses, though I don't know if it sounds natural in this sentence.


I wrote the same thing, as I was given to understand that Romanian didn't have sequence of tenses as in English.


It doesn't, please report it.


Thank you. I would, but the REPORT link at the top of this page does not have a "My answer should be accepted" option. That is only available on the question page, not on the discussion page, AFAIK.


Is "el știa unde borcanul era" wrong?

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Yes, it is. Or at the very least, very unnatural.


2019-11-08 It helps to remember that many European languages, unlike English, structure sentences to provide emphasis to certain things. In this case, "the jar" is more or less incidental. The important thing is that "he" (rather than anyone else) knew something, and that something is "where" something else was kept. So we say that "He knew where was the jar."

The more languages you do on Duo, the more naturally this will come.


It seems like "el a stiut unde borcanul a fost" should be correct too?


Sure, but it isn't imperfect.

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