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I'm trying to get the translation from English to Swedish for one quote but I cant understand it!

I'm trying to get the translation from English to Swedish for this quote:

One hundred times more beautiful than one hundred roses

I don't know the correct one because I get several translations:

  • etthundra gånger vackrare än hundra rosor
  • hundra ganger mer vacker än hundra rosor
  • hundra gånger vackrare än hundra rosor

Can someone tell me wich one is correct and explain me why? Thank you!

1 year ago


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I would stick with the third option ("hundra gånger vackrare än hundra rosor") although all the options are technically correct. Using "etthundra" instead of "hundra" makes it more formal, and it's not so common to use "etthundra" in everyday language.

Regarding the adjective, "vacker" is one of those adjectives that can be conjugated ("vackrare", "vackrast"), hence the use of "mer" isn't necessary. It's not wrong, but in this case it sort of sounds better with "vackrare". At least according to my ear. Not sure if this made any sense, but :D

1 year ago


Thank you for your help! Of course it made sense ;)

1 year ago