Translation:Drum bun!

February 5, 2017



"Farewell" just means "La revedere". The nearest equivalent to "Drum bun" would just be "Safe travels" or something similar.


I agree. For "drum bun" I would say "have a nice journey".


Regardless of the Old English, "farewell" is archaic in modern English and no longer used. We just say "goodbye". Surely "drum bun" means "safe journey"? (Native English speaker)


The literal translation of Drum Bun is good road so the inference is you are speaking to somebody who is travelling somewhere (probably by wheeled transport) so; safe trip, have a good journey or bon voyage (which appears international) all work.


So, regardless of the Old English, what I've wrote in my first comment is actually pretty accurate.

In common Romanian you'll have: See you soon! = La revedere/Pe curĂ¢nd Bye! = Pa! Safe travels/Safe journey = Drum bun

Few exceptions which I don't think you can have a pinpoint translation but you do have an approximate: Good Bye! = Pa pa! / La Redevedere Farewell = Drum Bun ( here i'd rather go with "La revedere" because if I'm not mistaking when you say Farewell you expect to see the other person again - correct me if I'm wrong)

Also when you leave from a group of friends you casually say "Bye" or "Good Bye" in English. In this case mostly used is either "Pa" ( for very close friends or kids ) or "Salut!"


And anyway, as you have "farewell parties", here you say "la revedere party", not"drum bun party"

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