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Learn Egyptian! ✍️Lesson 5✍️

Welcome to the 5th lesson of Egyptain!

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Today we will learn ✍️Egyptian Verbs✍️

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Dash Board

Egyptian Dashboard: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20676521

Let's get started:

I speak English : ana batkalem egelizi

You speak French : enta betetkalem faransawi

He speaks German : huwa beyetkalem almani

She speaks Italian: hiya betetkalem itali

They speak Chinese : huma beyetkalemo seeni

I visited France : ana zurt faransa

You visited Italy : enta zurt italia

He visited Moroco : huwa zar elmaghrib

We visited Mexico : ehna zurna elmexik

They visited Kenya : huma zaru kenya

I will drink milk : ana hashrab laban

You will drink coffee : enta hateshrab ahwa

He will drink tea: huwa hayeshrab shay

She will drink water: heya hateshrab mayya

We will drink apple juice: ehna hane shra 'aseer tefah

They will drink tea: huma hayeshrabu shay

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