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Christmas Lesson will not strengthen.

This is very frustrating. Every day, every hour, and every minute(Okay, that may be a little much), I try to strengthen my Christmas skill to gold. I have done it about 1,000,000 times now, but to no avail.

Please fix, Duo team!

Thanks, BenTheGeek.

March 3, 2014



We are reworking how the extra skills get strengthened. This is something we're improving!


Okay, thanks Kristine!


Hey Ben dude, cool profile pic


I'm having the same issue! I like to have my categories all completed to the maximum, and I have done the Christmas one so many times getting them all right, but it still wants me to 'strengthen' my French Christmas vocabulary (in March, no less).

Lol it's good to hear you guys are reworking how the bonus skills get strengthened :] it's not a huge issue, but unlike the other skill sets which accurately recommend you strengthen your weaker areas, these ones seem to just automatically weaken every day.

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