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"Două fete mândre și doi băieți mândri."

Translation:Two proud girls and two proud boys.

February 5, 2017




Gender - singular - plural

Masc. - mândru - mândri

Feminin- mândră - mândre

Neutru mândru - mândre

  • care are sentimentul demnității și onoarei; demn.

Who has the feeling of dignity and honor; dignified.

  • care are o părere exagerată despre calitățile sale; plin de sine; încrezut; îngâmfat; înfumurat; fudul; falnic; semeț; măreț.

Who has an exaggerated view of his qualities; Full of self; opinionated; conceited; conceited; arrogant; towering; arrogant; great.

  • care este cuprins de un sentiment de satisfacție (ca urmare a unui succes, a unei reușite sau a unei victorii).

Who is filled with a sense of satisfaction (as a result of success, success or victory).

  • care inspiră admirație; plin de semeție.

Who inspires admiration; Full of serenity.

from Wikționar


Is mândre positive or negative or can it be both ? Proud of having learned something. vs. To proud to talk to poor people.


I think it can be both, but for your negative example one would be more likely to use something stronger like "înfumurat" or "cu fumuri/cu aere/simandicos/cu nasul pe sus." :)

"Mândru/mândră" in the olden days could also refer to someone who was handsome/beautiful or could be used to refer to one's beloved. Many poems and folk songs talk about "Mândra mea."

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