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  5. "Oggi ho una maglia sottile."

"Oggi ho una maglia sottile."

Translation:Today I have a thin shirt.

March 4, 2014



"Camicia" is a shirt. "Maglietta" is a t-shirt. "Maglione" is a sweater. "Maglia pesante" is a heavy sweater. Here's a link to a discussion on the difference between "maglia" and "maglione": http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=992767


I've checked the definition of "maglia" all over the place and one thing it is not is "shirt"


Some clarification on the word maglia. It is a garment made out of a knit fabric so it can be either a sweater or a shirt like a polo shirt that's made from a knit.


hey guys I live in Italy although I am not fluent but what I do know is maglia is tea shirt or that is the way it is used in italy


Except when it's not. Here's a page from Zara and you'll see a lot of things that aren't Teeshirts are called maglie. http://www.zara.com/it/it/donna/maglie-c358007.html


If DL gives a false translation e.g. maglia=T-shirt then it should be accepted. This is a constant problem with this program .As someone else pointed out they answer that is given, i.e. maglia= shirt is incorrect; shirt = camicia.


no idea why someone marked your comment down. Yes, as I understand it, shirt is camicia, maglia sweater.


La Maglia Rosa = The Pink Jersey, no?


yes, so they were picky about it being a pink jersey (not a pink blouse), but it cannot be a thin jersey, it must be a thin shirt. I know it is too much to ask, but when giving corrections it would be really nice if there was an explanation from DL as to the difference. I find myself coming here to the comments and not always getting an explanation of the distinctions. So, I'm gathering a maglia is a knit shirt (e.g. like a polo). A camiche must be a cloth shirt??? I already knew a maglione was a sweater. And I learned a new word today maglietta, which is a t-shirt.


Why is slim suggested but then not accepted. ...this happens all the time. It drives you nuts


I'm keeping a running dictionary of all the words in the DL dictionary, and from a much earlier lesson, maglia was translated as being a "sports shirt". So there is some leeway here. In the context of English football (soccer) for example, you can say "he wore the shirt with pride", meaning the t-shirt/jersey that you wear while playing for your team.


Any thoughts on the difference between sottile and magro?


Sottile is more for inanimate objects, magro for animals and people. For example: "Un foglio sottile" (A thin sheet) but "Un cane magro" (A thin/skinny dog). However you could also see sottile as an adjective for a person, but with a different meaning! In fact if i say "Lui รจ un uomo sottile" I'm saying "He is a subtle man".


Very helpful! Much obliged!


Always happy to help, and thanks a lot for the lingot (:


Why is 'top' not accepted? Una maglia is certainly a top, if it's a knit fabric shirt.


"pullover" not accepted-reported.


I used lightweight instead of thin and was marked incorrect. Lightweight was the preferred word in my dictionary.


"Today I have a light sweater" is accepted.


Why sometimes maglia is translated as sweater and sometimes it is not accepted?


Sweater is "maglione".


why are they not accepting "t-shirt" here?


T-shirt is "maglietta"


A mouse-hover over maglia provides t-shirt as a translation, therefore that should either be removed or is should be accepted as a translation. I have reported this.


Or better still you should get used to using the first definition. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4821654


Maglia--jumper sweater anything but a shirt . Most annoying DL

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According to my dictionary (Oxford English-Italian ) Maglia usually means some from of light knitwear or if a shirt then only: a sports shirt or jersey. I hope that is helpful.


I have found that translations in several places are very literal, and not always good English


Her pronunciations are horrible. Is it just me? Even when you slow it down it is as if she is slurring her words!


"Vest" not accepted-reported. "Shirt" given as correct answer by DL-reported


"Jersey" not accepted-reported


Funny that they accepted "Today I've a thin sweater on" but didn't accept "I've a thin sweater on today" (which sounds more natural to me)


If MAGLIA is a sweater or jumper then it is also a PULLOVER

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    "slim" suggested but not accepted. Bad day for dl!


    Google says this sentence means "i have a thin mesh"!


    A 'MAGLIA' IS NOT A SHIRT. IT IS A SWEATER ' . can duo please fix this egregious sbaglio?

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    You are absolutely right. Maglia strictly speaking means knit or knitting from which you get:

    Maglia: a sports shirt or jersey (as in Maglia Azzurra worn by the Italian's National Football Team); Maglione: Sweater, Pullover Jumper Cardigan; Maglietta: Tee shirt or Undershirt.


    Context... a thin shirt? Thin. What is a thin shirt?


    "Today I have a slim shirt" was not accepted ... is that because sottile doesn't mean slim in terms of having a narrow figure?


    And we would say a light jacket (lightweight), shirt or sweater. As for the fabric, "Thin" can even imply cheap or worn, I am guessing there is no correlation in Italian.


    Thin shirt/top/sweater - the effects of eating in McDonalds...


    ho un maglia = I am wearing. I have is wrong,


    Slim and thin are the same to me. Is DL trying to teach English or Italian? Or what?


    They're synonyms, but I don't think they work well interchangeably.

    "Cut me a slim piece." "Be careful, the ice is slim over there."

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