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  5. I can't move to a higher level


I can't move to a higher level

I just finished level 13 (Spanish) and the list shows what looks to be a trophy with Duo standing on it. Am I done or are there more levels? How do I access the next level?

February 5, 2017



The Duo Trophy is just an award that you received for completing the tree. You can still go up in level, up to level 25, they are just based on XP. So just keep on strengthening previous skills and you'll level up.


You are done with the course. Congratulations!


Many of the skills have more than 20 questions so going back to strengthen skills you passed does also increase fluency


I'm not even sure what the XP stands for or how it is earned. I'm in a similar position as Debbie. I'm finishing up level 14 in French, no gold owl yet, though. The future items appear on the screen but they are all in a grey color. No gold, blue, red or anything. How do I activate them or will they activate themselves when I finally win the golden owl?

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