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"My children's teacher does not eat fish."

Translation:O professor dos meus filhos não come peixe.

February 21, 2013



Bit of an evil q for a beginner.


Why is both # 2 and 3 right? Both dos and de is right. I thought only "de" because meus is already plural, and you shouldn't use "dos". Can anyone explain?

  • "de + os meus filhos" = "dos meus filhos"
  • "de + meus filhos" = "de meus filhos"

The article is optional when there's a possessive pronoun, but it's not wrong. There's no reason why you shouldn't use "dos".


I wrote "a professora" and got counted wrong.


A professora dos meus filhos não come peixe ... it should be correct. IT is still marked as wrong. It seems as though Duolingo is not updating this very often!

EDIT; I left out one S in professora and it marked me wrong.


Is "Criancas" a more Pr-Pr phrase?

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