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  5. "I like this place a lot."

"I like this place a lot."

Translation:Este lugar me gusta mucho.

February 21, 2013



Could you not say, "Me gusta mucho este lugar"?


Yes, you could. And I did, and Duolingo accepted it :)


How do you decide which one to use: ese or eso? este or esto?


"ese" = that, masculine "esa" = that, fem "este" = this, masucline "esta" = this, fem You also have plural forms. These are demonstrative adjectives,used to modify mouns. "eso" (that) and "esto" (this) are neuter demonstrative pronouns, used to replace nouns. In the sentence here you use "este" to say "this place" because "lugar" is masc.


This is all correct, but just to add to it, my teacher taught me to remember it with "T is for touch". "Este" and "esta" have T's, because you call something that you are touching "this", but if you aren't touching something, it is "that" (and "ese" and "esa" don't have T's)


I understood the difference between the masculine and feminine, I was lost wit the two masculine determiners. But you clarified the matter, thank you!


Could you say "a mi me gusta mucho este lugar" ?


I think so, it adds a little emphasis.


can someone give me an example of hos asi could be used in this sentence?

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