"You eat duck."

Translation:Εσύ τρως τις πάπιες.

February 5, 2017

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It says in english "you eat duck“, but it asks plural form in greek. Shouldn't the english sentence be "you eat ducks"?!


Because I think that in English, when you refer to animal meat, you use singular instead of plural. For example, "Do you eat pork?", "Do you eat beef?", "Do you eat chicken?" etc. Which is also the case in Greek, but plural is sometimes used as well. It does seem a bit odd here, but it's not wrong. :S


But if singular is also correct, it's too confusing for Duolingo to teach plural here, unless it's very, very, standard, common usage in highly populated areas of Greece (not just "sometimes".) (Google translate doesn't offer the plural in some sample sentences I tried.) Now that I've written this I'll probably remember πάπεις without even cheating, but only for these lessons.


I agree. I was marked incorrect for using πάπια, but elsewhere the singular has been used such as κοτόπουλο. I think both options should be correct.


womp womp

Its should be "πάπια"- singular. No if, no buts.

Yes, I know the mods have addressed this issue, but it feels like they are making it up as they go.


The mods need to supply an etymology of declension to explain why "duck" is countable for human meals, while "chicken" is not.


Yeah, I want to know what the duck is going on here.


You eat ducks not duck,


Why is it plural in Greek but singular in english?


Different languages handle this "general noun" differently – e.g. I like boats. We eat beans. (things that are meant as true in general.

I've seen "Do you like the basil?" in Italian too, as if "the basil" were "any and all basil in food"

Non-answer: find an interpretation in English that makes sense for you and it'll seem a lot less weird in Greek.


How about τρως της παπιες?

And why της instead of το/τα?



Της is for feminine singular, not for feminine plural. so it would be τις πάπιες, not της.


Καλησπέρα. Γιατί το «duck» μεταφράζεται ως «πάπιες» και όχι «πάπια»;


Και "Πάπια τρως" θα έπρεπε να είναι σωστό. Έτσι δεν είναι;

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