"To touch a dirty dog is not attractive."

Translation:A atinge un câine murdar nu e atrăgător.

February 5, 2017

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I wonder, would it be natural for a Romanian to use "atratrăgător" in this situation?


I used este instead of e and it was marked incorrecrly?


I used atractiv. The dictionary lists the translations of attractive as such: atractive, atrãgãtor, frumos. I comsidered te orderalphabetical but checking other sources atractiv looked to me to be best traslation. The leat wold be for Duo to accept bouth. Furthermore Romanian is a latinn language and I do not think that atrãgãtor is derived from latin.It coul be "atrahere" but this would be more like a mgnet attracting iron.


I wonder my answer if someone tells me that

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