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Month of July?

I was learning the months and copying them down as I went, when I realized I had only eleven of them - I didn't have July. In all my reviews of the course, July has not come up. Maybe I'm missing it, but I think it's actually missing from the course. So, what is the Welsh for "July?"

February 6, 2017



Tips & notes: mis Gorffennaf = July


Thank you - I saw this word in one of the sentence completion multiple choices (in one of the "incorrect" answers), so I thought that was probably it, but it is never actually given as a vocabulary word in the course, and was never used in any of the reviews. What is the pronunciation?


To hear a real-voice recording of many words just look them up on www.gweiadur.com . If there is a little speaker symbol next to the word, just click that to hear somebody saying the word. (The entry for gorffennaf has the symbol.)


It is listed in Lesson 2 of the Months skill and also given in the Tips & Notes section of that skill and I definitely remember it bein includes in sentences so it is definitely not missing from the course. Oh and I found that the lessons introducing the months were nearly always intruduced in three months so if July was missing then two other months would also be missing.


I believe the course used to include Gorffenaf, with only one N -- when they removed the misspelling, the month disappeared.

I'm not sure whether it's possible to add new words (e.g. the correctly-spelled Gorffennaf) at this stage; I think it might only be possible to add new sentences for existing words.

So July can probably only be taught through the Tips+Notes at this point but I'm sure the course contributors will be including it again in any future version of the tree that may appear.


Thank you - I knew I wasn't crazy. I went through them all and I was like "Nope, there are only eleven here."


If you don't know IPA, then the only thing you have to keep in mind is that a double F in Welsh sounds like an English F, but a single F sounds like an English V, so it's pronounced something like "gor-fen-nav"

If you do know IPA, I say it kind of like this: /gorfɜn'nav/

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