"What is the watermelon plate?"

Translation:Ποιο είναι το πιάτο του καρπουζιού;

February 6, 2017

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What does this sentence mean? "Which is the watermelon plate?" might make sense.


Why can't you use "τι" instead "ποιο" in this sentence?


I think it depends on the context. What actually means the phrase: "τι είναι το πιάτο του καρπουζιού;" Ι don't like the phrase "ποιό είναι το πιάτο του καρπουζιού;" tοο, what does it really mean? Is the word "plate" the same with "dish"? Plate is the object we use to put some food. Dish includes the food. Correct?


This is asking me to translate "What is the watermelon plate?" The correct translation of that (though it is a strange question) would be "Τι είναι το πιάτο του καρπουζιού;" But the system here is saying the correct answer is "Ποιό είναι..." So then the correct English sentence would be "Which (one) is the watermelon plate?" You cannot use "what" here.


You are absolutely right. There are two distinct questions,1{τί} Please explain what you mean by 'the watermelon plate'; 2 {ποιό}Which (of all these plates) are you using as the watermelon plate? . Duo is giving the Greek for 2{which} and the English for 1 {What} . I am giving you a lingot in the hope that Duo will notice and correct this error.


I ticked both in a multiple choice - where both Greek sentences {ποιο/τι) appear to be legitimate translations of "what is the watermelon plate" - but still marked wrong.

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