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"Tôi cần ba giờ để ăn con này."

Translation:I need three hours to eat this chicken.

February 6, 2017



I think your chicken might be a turkey.

Tôi nghĩ gà của bạn có thể là một con gà tây.

⬆Is that right?


just a few corrections to make it flow better/sound more natural. but overall good job!

"tôi nghĩ con gà (của) bạn có lẽ là (một) con gà tây."


My teacher told me to use tiếng instead of giờ for quantities of time. Giờ is used for the actual time. (I am a student in Hanoi)


I would use "tiếng" as well; but "giờ" as time unit is not wrong either, it might sound more formal though.


Now that's some chicken


Where did you get that chicken?


I was under the impression that "con gá" meant "chicken (animal)" and "mon gá" meant "chicken (food)". Is this person eating a live chicken?


well, if you just have your whole chicken boiled or roasted, you can still call it "con gà". if it has been shredded or chopped into pieces then stirfried, grilled, braised, stewed, etc. you then call it "món gà". I would add that we usually call the dish by the way it is cooked and/or the main spice it is prepared with: cơm gà nướng (rice with grilled chicken), phở gà (pho with chicken), gà xào sả (stirfried lemongrass chicken), gà kho gừng (caramelized ginger chicken), gà rán (fried chicken)...


Couldn't this also be "I need three hours in order to eat this chicken"?


I answered that but it was rejected


Should be accepted. Report to Duo.

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