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  5. "Bộ phim đó hay không?"

"Bộ phim đó hay không?"

Translation:Is that film interesting?

February 6, 2017



When i click on bộ it says it is a classifier for clothes! So in this case is bộ the classifier for phim, or is bộ phim the word? If bộ is the classifier, and it's usually used for clothes, is this an exception to be used for phim?


"bộ" usually means a set, so yes, it is the classifier for clothing, but also for toys like Lego sets ("bộ đồ chơi lắp ráp"). I think "bộ phim" is more colloquially used to talk about TV series, where there are sets of episodes. In verbal speech, I don't know of many people who would use "bộ" to talk about a feature length film.


I think, "Is that film good" should be accepted.


that film or not?

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