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  5. "Noi sărim pe cal."

"Noi sărim pe cal."

Translation:We jump on the horse.

February 6, 2017



Why is the definite article introduced in the English translation here?


Agree, wouldn't that be "pe calul"?


Simple rule: a noun (singular and plural) drops the definite article when it is both (1) immediately preceded by a preposition other than "cu" AND (2) not qualified by any other words.


the difference, at least in this case, is the fact that "cal" could refer to a horse in general and you don't have to say anything more about it. on the other hand, "calul" asks for details about it so we would know about what exact horse you are talking. ex: eu stau pe calul care mănâncă = i stay on the horse who is eating. or eu stau pe calul meu= i stay on my horse. there are some situations where you could keep your sentences "unfinished" without problems. ex. îmi plac merele.= i like apples.


The "correct" answer of "we jump on the horse" means we (more than one person) are standing on a horse and we are jumping up and down. Is this the intended meaning in Romanian? I suggest "onto" rather than "on".


I think the use of "on" instead of "onto" in this context is pretty common, and search numbers in Google and Ngram would suggest even more so:

"It was Good Friday, 120 years ago. A man limped out the back door of Ford's Theater, jumped on his horse, and sped down darkened Baptist Alley"
New York Times



Onto is still more correct.


You quote a NYT book review as authority? Get real.


In bulgarian we have two different articiles - definite and un definite so here we have to translate with undefinite articicle but in other cases must use definite. So "pe' in bulgarian alwais be translated with some articicle but it depends of the case un or definite

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