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Is it wise to learn multiple languages at once?

Hi all,

This is my first post. I'm using DUO to learn Turkish, just for fun. Although I do work with a lot if turkish people, which helps to practice.

I was wondering how the community feels about doing multiple courses at once? What are the positives and negatives about doing this.

I reckon with so many users that someone must have done this...

Thanks for your input!

February 6, 2017



If it's all for fun, obviously do whatever you feel like. If you want to be fluent in Turkish, that's the kind of endeavor that's going to take a lot of effort and time, so it would be beneficial to focus your efforts as much as possible. However, many people aiming for fluency do seem to have another secondary language in the "background" for times when they are in a language-learning mood but need a bit of a break from their primary objective.

Duolingo doesn't have any other language from the Turkic family, so in a sense all the other languages here are equally far apart from it and unlikely to cause confusion. However, as a practical matter you might like to pick one fairly close to a language you already speak since it'll probably be a welcome respite from the unfamiliar rigors of Turkish. That said, your comparatively rapid progress in said other language might just reinforce what a big task Turkish is (b/c any language without those ready thousands and thousands of cognates in most European languages is just inherently going to be a big task).


Hey! It helps if the languages you're learning aren't from the same language family, although it's not impossible it's just a little different for each person


Thanks, seeing you have tried a few, what would you advise to combine with Turkey?


In my opinion, it's so much fun, but at the same time you have to practise a lot. You just have to have the patience :) If you can dream it, you can do it! -Walt Disney


Anadiliniz nedir ? Türkçe, Avrupa dillerinden çok farklıdır. O sebeple, başka bir dil ile aynı anda öğrenmek zordur.

What is your native language ? Turkish is very different from European languages, so it is hard to learn it with another language at the same time.

İkidili aynı anda öğrenmek için temel kural;

Bir tanesi "Birincil" , diğeri "İkincil" dil olur. Birincil olana daha fazla çalışırız. İkincil olana az çalışırız. Ancak ikisine de hergün çalşırız.

Basic rule for learning two languages at the same time;

We set one of them as "Primary" and other one as "Secondary". We study the primary one more, and secondry one less. But we study both of them daily.

ps: I used a very basic form of Turkish for explanation, to make it easier for beginners to understand.


Unfortunately, I did not understand all of your Turkish comment without the English translation.

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