"The boys read the newspapers."

Translation:Τα αγόρια διαβάζουν τις εφημερίδες.

February 6, 2017

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Im confused why its τις and not οι εφημερίδες?


I am not sure how you should call it in english ;-) but it is because it is not a subject/nominative, but it is an direct object/accusative. Please someone correct me :-)


Yeah but we haven't learned accusative yet, not in the plurals lesson where we get this sentence... It's not even in the tips. So yes it is confusing.


You are getting introduced to it in this lesson. With duolingo you learn through exposure and mistakes.


True. You can ask what are they reading.


could i also say "τα αγορια αυτα διεβαζουν τισ εφημεριδεσ"? just for info. as far as i know should it work as "The Boys..." as well as "This Boys..."?

in an earlier task this was the case. there it said: "Η λεξη αυτη ειναι ενα πημα"... and gave "the word is a verb" as correct..

and yeah. also an offtopic question. If I want to say in greek something like "you idiot" or "you angel", is it also possible to create these personal pronoun + noun constellations or is the verb or the article or whatever always required to keep the semantikial (im sure thats the wrong word. but you know what i mean) stuff right?

thanks a lot!


I just had the wrong "e"'s in newspaper...phonetically right...usually it allows them


Is this the accusative case for εφημερίφες;


Yes, it's the same in nominative and accusative.

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