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"The boys read the newspapers."

Translation:Τα αγόρια διαβάζουν τις εφημερίδες.

February 6, 2017



Im confused why its τις and not οι εφημερίδες?


I am not sure how you should call it in english ;-) but it is because it is not a subject/nominative, but it is an direct object/accusative. Please someone correct me :-)


Yeah but we haven't learned accusative yet, not in the plurals lesson where we get this sentence... It's not even in the tips. So yes it is confusing.

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You are getting introduced to it in this lesson. With duolingo you learn through exposure and mistakes.


True. You can ask what are they reading.


could i also say "τα αγορια αυτα διεβαζουν τισ εφημεριδεσ"? just for info. as far as i know should it work as "The Boys..." as well as "This Boys..."?

in an earlier task this was the case. there it said: "Η λεξη αυτη ειναι ενα πημα"... and gave "the word is a verb" as correct..

and yeah. also an offtopic question. If I want to say in greek something like "you idiot" or "you angel", is it also possible to create these personal pronoun + noun constellations or is the verb or the article or whatever always required to keep the semantikial (im sure thats the wrong word. but you know what i mean) stuff right?

thanks a lot!


I just had the wrong "e"'s in newspaper...phonetically right...usually it allows them


Is this the accusative case for εφημερίφες;

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Yes, it's the same in nominative and accusative.

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