"What is your father like?"

Translation:Πώς είναι ο πατέρας σου;

February 6, 2017

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Doesn't it also mean "how is your father"?


Virtually every native Greek speaker or otherwise would agree it should be "how is your father"


Both are accepted as translation, since it could be translated in two ways. ^.^


Is there a difference between πώς and τι?


Πως is how; τι is what?


Thank you David230731, But then why is Πώς είναι ο πατέρας σου; tanslated by What is you father like? and not How ? I have such a hard time with the interrogative words!


You can say "How is your father?" The problem seems to be with the way we use interrogatives in English.

The word "like" at the end of "what is your father like" disambiguates the use of what, making it an interrogative of manner or, should i say, description, rather than the usual "interrogative of clarification." If you remove the "like", it becomes "what is your father" ( asking for the type of thing it is) which is not the same as "what is your father like? " (asking for the appearance of a known thing).

So, How is "in what way" or "in what manner" or "in what appearance".

When is "in what time".

Who is "what person".

This, according to my sleep deprived brain, shows that "what" is the highest level interrogative. In English, you can either use other interrogatives to ask more specific questions or (at least for most questions) you can use "what" and then couple it with other words such as "like" in order to make it more specific.

Helpful? Or was this a long ramble?


It is a very interesting idea, I had never thought about that. But it does make sense on why greek uses how, in a way. Thanks!


This was useful although you did start rambling a bit towards the end. It largely answered my puzzlement though so thx even though it was someone else that asked the question

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