"Noi ascultăm de copiii noștri."

Translation:We listen to our children.

February 6, 2017

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ascultăm de... means we obey. It is used for clear obedience (like the soldiers obey the sergeant).

ascultăm pe... means we listen to - which sometimes also refer to obedience, but softer, more ”advice” than ”order” (like the children listen to their mother)


Please can someone translate to romanian.. 1.we listen to our children. 2.we listen from our children. Thanks in advance

  1. Noi îi ascultăm pe copiii noștri (we pay attention to their talking)
  2. I am not familiar with this phrase in English. If the meaning is that we listen to news about our children, then the translation is ”Noi ascultăm vești despre copiii noștri”


I don't think "We listen from our children" makes any sense in English, so it makes sense that you wouldn't be familiar with it!

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