Connect target language skill/word strength across different source languages

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Hello Duoworld, I'm working my way through the German tree from two different source languages, and I thought it would be really cool (and reduce a lot of time spent proving twice that I know the words/skills) if Duolingo could/would link the word strengths in target languages. The way it is, I literally spend all the time playing catch-up (or else I abandon one of the trees). I know, practicing is very important, but these are skills/words that I have down pat, I don't need to keep practicing them.

Any thoughts on this? I imagine right now the best recommendation would be to just ignore the weakening skills, work on new ones, and come back to the old ones once I finish the tree. Can someone from Duolingo comment on the potential for linking target languages? Thank you!

1 year ago


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Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.